Brittany N Lasseigne, PhD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

Brittany N. Lasseigne, PhD’s research focuses on assaying and integrating omic data, functional annotations, and patient information through data science approaches to discover novel mechanisms in disease etiology and progression, therapeutic targets, and circulating biomarkers. An Assistant Professor in the Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology, Dr. Lasseigne completed a BS in Biological Engineering at Mississippi State University, an interdisciplinary biology, chemistry, and chemical engineering PhD in Biotechnology Science and Engineering from The University of Alabama in Huntsville, and a postdoctoral fellowship in genetics and genomics at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Her prior research accomplishments include studying the role of DNA methylation and copy number variation in cancer, discovery of gene variants linked to ALS, and characterization of gene expression patterns in psychiatric disorders. She has received several honors for her academic work including the National Merit and Hosmer Engineering Excellence Awards, Prevent Cancer Foundation’s William J. Maier III Fellowship in Cancer Prevention, and an NIH NHGRI K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award. Dr. Lasseigne is passionate about science education and outreach, previously served as founding faculty advisor for the International Society for Computational Biology Regional Student Group Southeast, teaches foundational coding and data science skills nationally as a Software and Data Carpentry Instructor, and is a member of the Software Carpentry Curriculum Advisory Committee.