Karen B. Fowler, DrPH
Disclosures: Consulting Fee-Merck and Company, Inc.

Karen B. Fowler, DrPH, is a Professor of Pediatrics (Infectious Diseases) and Epidemiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her research has focused on the epidemiology, natural history, and pathogenesis of maternal and congenital cytomegalovirus infections and CMV-related sensorineural hearing loss in children. Dr. Fowler was part of the NIDCD-funded CHIMES study that screened over 100,000 newborns for congenital CMV infection. New findings from the study included the development of a highly sensitive and specific PCR-based assay for testing newborn saliva samples to identify babies infected with CMV and further understanding of the rates of congenital CMV infection and CMV-related hearing loss in the US. She has also investigated targeted clinical CMV screening in infants who do not pass their hospital newborn hearing screenings. Some of her current work focuses on behavioral interventions to prevent maternal CMV infections during pregnancy.