In order to complete tests, evaluations, and receive educational credits, you must be logged in.

Internal Users: 
Internal users are those that are employed by or do their daily work at Children's of Alabama. These users already have an account.
EX: COA employees, UAB Peds physicians, UAB CRNA/CRNP's, UAB administration that are located on the Children's campuses.

Login instructions:
Children’s of Alabama employees: Please log in using your computer login ID followed by and your computer password.
EX: [email protected] & Children's of Alabama computer password.

UAB Peds: Please log in using your computer login followed by and your UAB computer password, think Citrix login.  

If you are an internal user and forget your password, please contact the appropriate help desk (COA/UAB) to request that information. 

External Users: 
All other users

Login instructions:
Please log in using the email address and password you created.
If you are having difficulty logging in click on 'Forgot Password' for instructions.

*** Please note UABMC and email addresses my already be in the system and may only need a password created. Please use your UAB email address to log in and click on 'Forgot Password' to update your account.